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ATR Home Inspection is proud to offer existing homeowners an innovative and affordable opportunity to help protect your most valuable asset - your home!

Our homes in North Dakota experience brutal temperature changes. They range from hot and humid summers to bitterly cold winters, and high winds throughout the year.

After being exposed to these conditions, your biggest investment deserves your attention to identify the potential damage that can occur yearly. 

*   Home repairs often become very expensive if not caught early.

*   Surprise home repair costs can be stressful.

*   We routinely have our vehicles checked and inspected. Why not our homes?

With our Peace of Mind Program, receive your first home inspection at a discounted price. As a member, you will receive multiple benefits with our affordable monthly rate.

*   A thorough home inspection of your home every twelve months.

*   Access to ATR Home Inspection with questions or concerns about the condition of your home throughout the year.

*   "Did You Know" educational information and tips about your home that are very helpful and informative throughout the year.

Enjoy our Peace of Mind Program for your personal home, second home, rental properties, or light commercial property.

Call ATR Home Inspection today for some Peace of Mind!